Debt Collection

We provide debt recovery solutions against Businesses and individuals which are based in Cyprus. Debt collection is a difficult area to tackle as in most cases problems may arise on the execution of judgements against a Creditor, and we therefore examine the success rate of retrieving the debt by evaluating the economic status and assets of the Creditor.

Procedure of debt collection

1. Once the debt is clearly identified we draft and send a letter as debt collectors on your behalf requiring the creditor to settle the outstanding balance.
2. If the Creditors fail to respond we initiate a dialog with the Creditors and if there is no willingness to comply, we sent a final notice of legal action.
3. By this point if no action is taken by the Creditors to settle the debt, we proceed with legal action against the Creditors by filing a Writ of Summons.

Our Services Cover

The Aim is to retrieve or settle for a satisfactory amount without following the path of litigation. Additional routes that may be examined is filing for bankruptcy against the Creditor which can be done for both Entities and Individuals.

Providing legal opinions and consultations
Preparation and delivery of official demand letters to the debtor.
Designing and enforcing effective methods of securing or freezing assets
Commencement and trial of debt collection proceedings
Bankruptcy proceedings
Issuing enforcement proceedings of Court Orders

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