Wills & Estate Administration

We provide legal advise on issues relating to wills, estate administration, wealth protection and probate. We prepare and submit wills to the registry of the Supreme Court of Cyprus and are also appointed as estate administrators for individuals in Cyprus as well as abroad.

For Cyprus the principal legislations that regulate all matters relating to estate planning are as follows:

Administration of Estates Law (CAP. 189)

Probate (RE-Sealing) Law (CAP. 192)

Wills and Succession Law (CAP.195)

Wills and Succession Law

A Will is a legal written document duly executed and witnessed, which communicates the wishes of a deceased on how his estate (whether movable or immovable) will be distributed upon his passing.

We strongly recommend drafting a will if you posses estate for the avoidance of unnecessary procedures and expenses associated with the Law of Intestacy (dying in the absence of a will).

If a family member has passed away and has made a valid will, his assets must be distributed in accordance with the instructions stated in the will, subject always to the Forced Heirship provision of the law , such a process is known “Probate”.

In the event that the family member has not left a valid will to deal with his assets, then an administrator or administrators may be appointed to deal with the distribution of assets as per relevant the Administration of Estates Law Cap. 189. As per the Administration of Estates Law Cap 189 the “Administration” – includes all letters of administration of the estate of a deceased person, whether with or without a will annexed, and whether granted for general, special or limited purposes. An “Administrator” – means a person to whom a Court has granted letters of administration or letters of administration with will annexed. There are therefore certain cases where an Administrator can and must be appointed in order to manage and distribute a deceased estate.

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What we can do for you as administrators

The entire Administration process can be daunting, especially in times of mourning over the loss of a loved one. We are here to release you of such unnecessary stress and handle the administrative processes and while making sure that any taxes and Governmental fees are settled before arranging for the distribution of the deceased estate.
Estate Administrators
Drafting & Submitting wills
Review and Test the capacity to make a valid will
Check the legitimacy of a will
Incorporation of trusts
local and international estate administration

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