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Demetris Ch. Demetriades LLC is a law firm based in Nicosia, Cyprus specialising in the areas of corporate & commercial transactions, Real estate, Wills & Estate, intellectual property, shipping, investments, immigration and Cyprus Citizenships and Residency.

Our portfolio consists of international clients and high net worth individuals including the banking and servicing sectors and work very closely with professional intermediaries such as Tax advisory and corporate service providers.

We provide advisory and drafting services that best suit our clients’ needs while accommodating a one stop solution through our trusted associates.

Company registration number: 360246
Tax Identification Code (TIC): 10360246F

Why clients choose us

Our strategy and success is founded on the strong personal relationships we establish with our clients. We initiate each relationship by understanding their business and needs, before outlining ways of securing their interests!


We take pride in our work and we are determined to provide the at most quality in all our services.


Demetris Ch. Demetriades LLC is bound by strong moral principles always delivering bona fide services and consultation.


We are committed in providing the support and consultation required for you and your business to battle any current and future concerns.

100% confidentiality

All consultations and clients are dealt with the utmost confidentiality by all members of our staff.

Our Strategy

Free Initial Assessment

We are happy to book a free consultation where we will get to know you and understand your business. The objective is to get a clear understanding of your needs without having to worry about being clocked.

Due Diligence Research

Once we have established your objectives we shall proceed with all the relevant due diligence required by law and prepare recommendations.

Securing your Interest

The client does not always know what he wants. We determine the most effective way of achieving your objectives whilst minimising exposure as much as possible.

Meet the CEO

demetris demitriades

Managing Director, Founding Partner

Demetris Demetriades Founding Partner/ CEO Demetris Demetriades has incorporated Demetris Ch. Demetriades LLC in 2016 and has ever since been a Partner and CEO of the law firm. During that time, he has led the law firm through significant changes growing the practice from a boutique law firm to a one stop solution for clients.…