The alternative route to estate and succession planning
Creating an international recognized trust can ensure the future of your family whilst benefiting from international tax planning. We set up trusts for high net individuals who wish to secure their international assets for future generations.

There are three categories of persons with regards to trust:

The settlor

The creator of the trust.

The Trustee

The legal entity or individual to whom the property is held as per the instructions of the trust deed or Settlor.

The Beneficiary(ies)

The individuals for whish the trust has been created for which hold the rights with respect to the trust property.

Our Services Cover

Formation, Trustees & Administration

A trust only arises where there is a separation of the legal and beneficial ownership of property, in other words where a trustee holds property on trust for beneficiaries or recognised purposes. As trustees, we can monitor the activities and performance of the trust for and on behalf of the beneficiaries.
Trust Deeds & Agreements
International Tax Planning
Incorporation of Trusts

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