As a member of the European Union with a multilingual and highly educated workforce, Cyprus offers an excellent business infrastructure and is highly recommended for business and residential purposes.

Temporary Residence Permit and Employment Permits

A Non-EU national may apply for the issue of entry and work permits in general categories provided that there is an eligible and valid job offer towards the national. Provided that certain criteria are met the nationals may be granted the relevant entry and work permit.

Cyprus Citizenship by Exception

A Non-EU national and his spouse and children (up to the age of 28 years) may obtain European passports by exception by direct investment in the Republic of Cyprus and be able to move and work freely within the European Union. Options to invest in special collective investment schemes are available.

Permanent Residency in Cyprus

A Non-EU national may obtain a permanent residency permit to reside in Cyprus exempting the individual and his family from immigration entry procedures (Visa). Moreover, parents of investors and or spouse can obtain residency as dependants.

The Schengen Visa

A short stay visa which allows the holder to travel within the 26 countries without border controls. For further information click here.

Our Services Cover

Guide and Support

Our firm assists in obtaining Temporary Residence Permits, Employment Permits (for both Executive and Non-Executive directors), Permanent Residency and Cyprus Citizenship by Exception.

We undertake to guide and provide you with support throughout the process, handle drafting and the collection of documents for the submission of your application, act as liaison with the relevant authorities in Cyprus and ensure that all regulatory requirements are met for the successful examination of your application.

Citizenship by Exception/ Investment
Permanent Residency
Temporary Residency
Work/Employment Visa
Long-term residency Visa
Family Permits

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