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In Cyprus, unfortunately individuals do not appoint Lawyers when selling or purchasing Real Estate in order to save on costs. Such transactions are usually for a substantial amount of money and therefore come with a variety of risks.

What are the rates of transfer fees in Cyprus and who pays for them?

Fees are always payable by the purchaser of the acquired property. The fees are calculated on the market value of the property on the date of purchase.

Fees to the land Registry are as follows

Property Value in € %
up to 85,000 3
85,001 – 170,000 5
over 170,001 8
NOTE: For transactions which are not subject to VAT the legislation provides for an exemption of 50% on the amount of transfer fees which is calculated upon purchase by the Land Registry.

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Our firm is here to guarantee that all necessary steps are taken to safeguard a successful sale and/or purchase while making sure that all necessary transfer deeds and moneys are received. We undertake to guide and provide you with support throughout the process for a successful, legal and safe transaction.
Guidance through the sale and purchase procedure
Division of Land
Drafting & Submitting wills
Incorporation of trusts
Local and international estate administration

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